What do you do when life throws you a curve? I love kayaking and the outdoors….so I thought…



Hi, my name is Chris White. I was born and raised in Halifax. I am a Dad and a Grandad. I grew up in a loving Navy family and always enjoyed the outdoors, especially my Boy Scout days.

My 35 year sales career has been in outside publishing and printing. That all changed when I got downsized late in my career so what do I do now? I have too much energy to not do something.

 I have reinvented myself by becoming a school bus driver, which I enjoy and it allows me a lot of free time and since I love kayaking, the outdoors and cooking I created Nova Scotia Kayaking and ATV Outside Adventure Tours.It is all about creating unique outdoor adventures for the beginner or experienced kayaker and outdoor enthusiast .

I am a one man show, chief cook and bottle washer and my pledge is to provide the best experience I can.

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Before you start looking at the packages, ask yourself these questions.


Q/What do you want to achieve on this adventure?

Q/ Are you a beginner or experienced kayaker?

Q/ Do you want to just kayak or kayak and  ATV?

Q/ Do you want to have an outing on a lake or coastal area?

Q/ Is food a component you would like to add?

Q/ Do you want to create your own adventure?