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What do you do when life throws you a curveball? Well, personally, my go-tos are kayaking and the outdoors… so I thought, what if I could share this with others?

Hi, my name is Chris White. I was born and raised in Halifax. I am a husband, a Dad and a Grandad. I grew up in a loving Navy family, and I've always enjoyed the outdoors, especially in my Boy Scout days.

My 35-year sales' career has been in outside publishing and printing. That all changed when I got downsized late in my career, so I was left with that dreaded question: what do I do now? I have far too much energy to not do SOMETHING FUN...

I reinvented myself by becoming a school bus driver, which I enjoy, and it allows me a lot of free time. AND, since I love kayaking, the outdoors and cooking, I created Nova Scotia Kayaking and ATV Outside Adventure Tours. It is all about creating unique outdoor adventures for the beginner or moderately experienced kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Last but not least, I am a one-man show, chef cook and bottle washer (trust me, you won't regret this!), and my pledge is to provide you the best experience in wonderful and wild Nova Scotia.

Click below to view all of my credentials.

Before you start looking at the packages, ask yourself these questions.


Q/What do you want to achieve on this adventure?

Q/ Are you a beginner or experienced kayaker?

Q/ Do you want to just kayak or kayak and  ATV?

Q/ Do you want to have an outing on a lake or coastal area?

Q/ Is food a component you would like to add?

Q/ Do you want to create your own adventure?

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